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MANSI Media is a newspaper advertising placement company, based in Harrisburg, PA. I worked with them on a six-month engagement to define their brand, overhaul their website, design new marketing collateral, redefine their social media presence, and restart their blog with the creation of new content.

Project also included selecting and managing additional contractors including graphic designers and Social Media/SEO manager. Created and managed project budget.



  • Rewrote all webpages, redesigned and optimized site architecture, selected new imagery, implemented all back end architecture, design, and page changes

  • Worked with additional consultant on SEO development and reporting



  • Two-sided informational brochure

  • Drip campaign - including 12 total touchpoints. Wrote and worked with designers to produce 5 mailings, wrote 4 emails, and 4 phone call scripts

  • Developed new sales deck with 4 variations, including multiple case studies

  • Concepted and created new monthly e-newsletter including naming, format, and writing of 3 months of content


  • Wrote 13 new, SEO blog posts, dating back to September 2021

MANSI Media: List
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